We recognise that it is important to clearly demonstrate the need that we are meeting at Grove Cottage and the difference that we make through.

Currently we deliver 25,000 respite hours each year via the 11 clubs and services we run to over 140 local people with learning disabilities who attend us each week.

We aim to improve the lives of local people with learning disabilities, by reducing social isolation, increasing happiness and self-confidence and to offer respite and support to families.

Driven by the needs of local people with learning disability we are passionate about improving lives.

Through the provision of clubs and services and a safe, stimulating fun environment we reduce social isolation and encourage lifelong friendships. We increase happiness and wellbeing, improve self-confidence and support local people with learning disabilities to live life to the full/ get the most out of life.

We aim to meet the needs of the individual and support the family and strive for quality and excellence in all we do.

We are currently undertaking a strategic review of Grove Cottage and finalising our mission to help us clearly define our desired outcomes and Impact.

We are developing our theory of change and putting Principles into Practice. We are making sure we put the right tools in place to enable us to effectively monitor and evaluate our outcomes and impact.

We will ensure all staff and volunteers are made aware of our mission and understand the importance of accurate reporting so we can report on our impact.

This is very exciting and we look forward to updating you soon on our progress.