Grove Cottage’s The Music Man Project Hertfordshire to perform at iconic Royal Albert Hall

Grove Cottage’s The Music Man Project Hertfordshire to perform at iconic Royal Albert Hall

On April 8th 2024, our local Bishop’s Stortford group, The Music Man Project Hertfordshire, run by Grove Cottage, will take part in a concert at the iconic Royal Albert Hall as part of The Music Man Project UK—a multi-award-winning, world record-breaking disability charity. The event promises to be an emotional rollercoaster, captivating both performers and the audience. The concert’s lineup includes a very special guest, The Music Man Project’s patron and renowned music legend, Michael Ball, who will be performing alongside The Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines.

“Music is Magic at the Royal Albert Hall” will showcase the talents of hundreds of musicians with learning disabilities from across the charity’s UK network. The concert features a special performance by Michael Ball and The Music Man Project students, who will sing a new track titled “Make A Difference”.

“This concert will be a night the audience and The Music Man Project will never forget,” said David Stanley. “It will be an emotional rollercoaster, filled with joy, laughter and tears. But most of all, it will be a night of magic, as we celebrate the power of music to bring people together and create a sense of community.”

Lottie Hopkins, The Music Man Project Hertfordshire club leader said “A few years ago, we went to see The Music Man Project perform at the Royal Albert Hall and were blown away. It was this performance that cemented our desire to set up our own Music Man group in Hertfordshire and since then, we have been working towards one day taking part in such an amazing event ourselves. Years later, we are absolutely thrilled to be invited to perform alongside so many other Music Man members at the very same venue.”

The Music Man Project Hertfordshire has been such an important group for us at Grove Cottage as not only does it allow our members to be creative and express themselves, but it’s helped with their overall communication and wellbeing.

“Zac has been attending The Music Man Project Hertfordshire from the start and he thoroughly enjoys his Monday morning lessons, they set him up on the right note for the week.  Zac is 27, has autism and is non-verbal. He has always enjoyed a wide range of music and enjoys attending parties and discos for this reason. Before attending Music Man Project, myself and our family would never have thought Zac would learn a skill such as playing a musical instrument to a beat, let alone without hardly any prompting! Another skill Zac has learnt is signing to music. Zac is full or pride and joy when he gets the signing correct and you can see it all over his face.  Before Music Man Project Zac would only ever use the basic Makaton signs to ask for a particular food or for help. Now, he can sign most of the Music Man Project songs fluently and is using some of the signs learnt from these songs to extend his vocabulary when communicating with us. For instance, when we tell Zac we love him, he now signs to us to express that also!” said Zac’s sister Freya.

She also said, “New skills aside, Zac’s confidence at Music Man Project is so wonderful to see. Although I support Zac at this lesson, he often finds he doesn’t need my help and now when Zac is unsure, he follows his friends, he doesn’t look for me. Zac has never been able to do anything without a carers assistance but having his friends by his side and the familiarity of the Music Man Project songs he is unstoppable. Music Man Project has opened up Zac’s world and we cannot wait to watch him perform at the Royal Albert Hall with his peers.”

“The Music Man Project is such a beautiful project,” said Michael Ball. “The students have shown me nothing but love since I first met them at the start of 2023. I am so excited to be performing alongside these talented musicians at the Royal Albert Hall. This is such an important event, and I am honoured to be a part of it. I know that the audience will be inspired by their incredible talent.”

Tickets for “Music is Magic at the Royal Albert Hall” are on sale now:


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